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. for example, president obama talked about doctors that order reduplicate testing. i have seen that with my own husband with thousands of dollars in the copays for similar tests they could have appeared together and gotten the results. for example gov. romney talked about states. what happens when seniors relocate which they often do when they retire. well that eliminate them? would they have to reapply with the state? there is just so much there without somebody really spelling that out and showing seniors and talking on their level on how this impacts them. the debate did not help in that regard. thank you. >> thank you for making your comment. bird clip.d the bi birg what gov. romney said. >> there are three ways you can cut the deficit. one is to raise taxes. no. two is to cut spending. number three is to grow the economy. if more people work, they are paying taxes and you can get the job done that way. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem is that it slows down the rate of growth. you can never quite get the job done. i want to lower spending and encourage economic growth a
doesn't wusa and usa today call your no bulls zone on the dnc obama talking point zone because that is what it will be. i'm sure that the state and the paper has decided the winner obama before the first word is spoken. really? because did you stay up and watch our coverage? my final words were these like everyone else on tv. we called this one a big win for mitt romney. and finally this from john lorton who believes that the debate was a draw. how congress is going to move their policies forward. it is a roadblock in congress is not chopped down, we'll have four more years of gridlock no matter who won. but we're a winner here in the mail bag when we get your e- mails. keep them coming. the address is well that is our report. i had be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt. don't forget to log on any time to bye. >>> "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >>> mitt shines in primetime. but was it a game changer? >> the president did seem a little rusty. >> "e.t." with the stars today, reacti
first topics of the debate tonight between mitt romney and president obama. when both men talked about their economic priorities. >> governor romney has a perspective if we cut taxes and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. i have a different view. >> that was president obama there. we have mitt romney also that we want to hear from in a bit. bruce stern's attorney worked on the reagan campaign in '84. you're the treasury. you heard president obama talk about what his economic priorities were. was there anything in there that as a republican, you thought that might reflect something that you hold dear? >> well, there are two things. in the contrast was governor romney said his number one priority was creating jobs and that's so important to the american people. as you know, the unemployment rate is at 8.1%. it is only that low because people stopped looking for work. previously at 8.3. it's now at 8.1%. the president promised the american people years ago that we would be in a much lower rate, especially after all the stimulous spending. what governor romney said was that
from everything we're hearing from the obama folks. i talked to portman in the spin room for a while. and he said that we are not surprised. not one thing. the only thing that we are surprised that is what they didn't hear. know nothing of the 47% take, nothing of bain capital shimano attacks. they were surprised at how passive the president was, and he said frankly the president was not as good as me. lou: well, modest assessment, appropriately. a sparring partner should seek in some ways to emulate the real thing. sounds like he was on track. good to have you with this. thank you so much. as we mentioned. featuring the vice-president of contenders taking place next thursday in danville, kentucky. the day after president obama tried to recover cover romney reveling in a clear, decisive victory in last night's presidential debate. >> republicans and democrats both love america, but we need to have leaders. leaders in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or democrat. i've done it before now to begin lou:
looking at obama when obama was talking to him, much better than when obama was talking and looking down, like he was being lectured. i think we have to talk about the debate and the debate rules and the moderator. you know, the idea -- they were very excited, the debate commissioned about the 15-minute pods to allow more exchange. but it allowed more, longer speeches and talking points. jim lehrer, a man for whom i have tremendous esteem, seemed to lose control of the debate, occasionally. he seemed to throw something out there to keep the conversation going, sometimes it seemed to be helping obama, like saying, you are for a balanced approach of tax cuts and spending -- tax increases and spending cuts, and that really seemed to lose some control. as far as the issues were concerned, there were a couple of -- i can't say whoppers, but there were a couple of points. one was medicare. and on that issue, romney was right. when he said that $716 billion in cuts was going to affect benefits, the fact is, it would affect benefits, the actuary says, let me see if i can find tin practice, provi
romney uses the verdict is false. i want to talk about health care in general. president obama says good news about health care cost premiums. >> over the last two years, health care premiums have gone up, it's true, but they've gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years. so we're already beginning see -- >> let's look at the facts. medicare premiums did increase 4% from last year so there is growth here. the head of the kaiser family foundation, an authority on the matter, says growth is at historic lows. not sure if it's lower than 50 years, which is what president obama said, but growth still slow, the verdict, this appears to be true, but we'll follow up with the kaiser family foundation on the 50-year claim. >> what else surprised you tonight? >> i think the president just didn't seem like he wanted to debate romney. again, never mentioned 47%, meaning mitt romney's critical, awful, remarks about obama supporters, never mentioned bain capital. he never said that i'm the guy that can create jobs and said that massachusetts was 47th of 50 states. >> you think he wanted to look
that is good about the obama talking points, he will spin it and take all the good stuff out. he will ditch all the bad stuff. people have to open up their eyes and see what is going on. host: what did you think of that comment? caller: he said mayor romney put a spin on things, i do not think he put a spin on things at all. he had won, 2, 3, 4, five bullet points exactly what needs to be done. when you talk about paul ryan and his running mate, things they agreed or disagreed on, he said he thought people might be able to get a better deal if there is a private insurance. depending on medicare, i know people in my family always agree with that. they want to have a choice on whether to go with private insurance or stay on medicare. he had his own agenda. he had his own plan. he answered everything. i do not think there was spent on it whatsoever. host: do you worry about the rise in the budget like philip caller: mentioned not at all. we cannot keep borrowing money from china. host: what is your response to what andrea has to say? caller: she is worried about the debt and all the money being bo
to a moment where president barack obama talked about his grandmother's death. the tweet posted by kitchen aid said his grandmother knew it was going to be bad she died before he became president. the person who sent the message will not be tweeting for them anymore. >>> now that the presidential debate is over, they will be busy and they will be back on the campaign trail today. tell us what the polls are saying about who appears to have won the debate, jacqueline? >> reporter: dave, republican challenger mitt romney is expecting to see a boost in the poles, a survey taken by cnn shows mitt romney a clear winner. an aggressive mitt romney criticized president barack obama's record saying big government is not working. mitt romney says the middle- class cannot afford four more years under obama. >> the people having a hard time right now are middle income americans. they are buried, they are just being crushed. >> president barack obama defended his achievements and challenged his plans saying there are not any details. >> at some point, people have to ask themselves, is the reason governor mi
figures even stories at one point president barack obama talked about a clinic and romney said that's exactly what i'm talking point about, that's an example of my point.about, that's my point. >> romney was asked, would you take $10 of spending cuts for just $1 of revenue? and he said no. >> and that is going to be the cross of where this discussion goes, president barack obama point is you cannot fix the deficit problem without some kind of increased revenue romney said revenue will come from tax cuts so it's allhow well the president can make his point, i never heard romney hit obama with the auto bailouts. we are talking about the economy tonight. we have three more debates to go into the vice presidential debate will be one of them, a teenage hockey player hits the ice in something he did not expect. a simpler time when all of these actions might not be looked at by a camera. ♪ ♪ forza! (power!) andiamo! andiamo! (let's go! let's go!) avanti! avanti! (keep going! keep going!) hahaha...hahahaha! you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to
for watching us tonight. president obama talking race and class in a very provocative way. will that be an issue in tonight's debate? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the conservative daily caller web site released a full tape of then senator obama speaking to a group of black ministers at hampton university in virginia back in 2007. playing to that crowd, mr. obama brought up unfairness in the wake of hurricane katrina. he cited the stafford act which requires areas that receive federal assistance to pay 10% of what they use. however, when florida was hit by hurricane andrew and new york city by the terror attack on 9/11. the stafford act was waived. but in new orleans, after katrina, president bush waived the act for just 60 days. angering mr. obama and others. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act. said this is too serious a problem. we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you have got to put in. here is $10. and that was the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florid
not delivered well. president obama has not had the four years he wanted to have. he had to talk about it and defend it tonight. he simply -- neil: what do you make, congressman, the argument, that the president is the champ; right? he survived without getting knocked down or knocked out certainly, the default goes to the champ. the champ regimely gets the decision. >> well, i don't know. i saw moments where it looked like he was on the canvas. when mitt romney was coming barks, and point by point saying, yes, you cut medicare -- neil: the five trillion, did you, you did not -- >> here's why it register. anyone on medicare knows the government does not give you a direct amount of money. the government reimburses the doctors. if the government cuts the money that reimburses your doctors, that's how the government cuts medicare. few understand that. neil: at the very least, you think mitt romney might have arrested what had been some losing momentum in the swing states? >> mitt romney sounded like a president tonight, looked like a president. there's no substitute for that. neil: okay. c
debate. something we talk about last night. now, let's listen to president obama talk about it. >> governor romney's central economic man calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the bush tax cuts, another $1 trillion and $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military has not asked for. that's $8 trillion. how we pay for that reare deuces the deficit and make the investments that we need to make without dumping those costs on the be middle class americans, i think it is one of the central questions of this campaign. >> of course, romney came on right after that and said no, that's not what i want to do. the question is who is right? >> well, mitt romney said i will not, i don't have a tax cut. but anyone saying that i don't have a tax cut to do that. he does have a tax cut. a 20% across the board reduction in tax rates, which obviously costs money. romney says he makes up for that by closing hoop holes raising -- loopholes raising revenues. but he has not identified what those loopholes are. and another issue is expanding the economy by giving tax cuts will brin
do care very much about all the things that harry reid and obama talked about when it comes to oil and coal and the whole 9 yards. i think romney did a really fabulous job and trying to get obama to talk about that, but he did not. >> that you are the independent which both campaigns were centering on the day. have you made a decision? >> yes, definitely. >> who is going to be? >> i watched it live and then i rerun.d a refun i am even more sure now that i was before it went on live at 9:00. backs who are you going to vote for? >> romney is not going to continue to kill our economy. he is not going to continue to kill jobs. he will not continue to throw money at green jobs like solyndra and all that. obama did not answer that question either, did he? >> in about seven minutes or so we will show the debate again. you may have to go to bed by then. we invite you to go to our debate hub. you can see portions of it tailored to each section. a lot of media is looking in analyzing what was said between the two men tonight. here is a labette of the dialogue that took place tonight. -- a li
it president obama in closing remarks didn't talk to the people in the living room, everybody knows look at the camera, deliver to people in the living room. president obama's looking off. mitt romney did it the right way. >> right way. >> he looked at the camera, looks you in the eye, tells you what he thinks. >> he wasn't being nice. >> no. >> the thing that is obama -- i hate to say, the politics of niceness, you're admitting your opponent has legitimate points. . it's not great in an american society where stylistic connection means you're willing to defend your point with a pointed passion but also to argue with the other guy. mitt romney was there saying i'm give nothing quarter. he admitted obama did something halfway right the rest of the time he was condescending. i have five sons, you might as well be the sixth, i'm going to tell you what you're doing wrong. there was no opposition, quite disturbing. >> governor romney seized moment to speak to independent swing voters in the swing states time after time. you can tell it was practiced, prepared, i know what this debate's. this
the beginning. there are two more debates to go. >> governor of rally is working as a surrogate for the obama team, talking to reporters after the debate. back here at home, several college campuses have to debate what parties. -- watch parties. sheldon joins us live from johns hopkins university. >> we are about a month away from the election. a lot of voters we talked to seem to be passionate about both candidates. you'll remember from the 2008 election that college-aged voters were energized and excited headed into the election. based on the conversation we have had here, the same seems to be happening this year. >> the dining hall, it is never this fall. i think everyone is really excited for the election and the debate progressed more than seven it lasted as piled into the dining hall in the johns hopkins campus to watch governor romney and president obama. >> what is the mood on campus heading into the election? >> it is are more excited than usual about politics. a lot of times, political awareness is not evident right now, people are very excited about obama and ronnie going head-to-h
was surprised -- plenty of openings where president obama could have talked about bank hold negotiation the cayman islands. >> romney did a great job at things you didn't expect him to do he was a great story teller, he was able to connect. i give him credit for that. the problem i have, he is doing it in the way we feared he would do it. somehow he will be magically able to do all of the tax cuts and balance the budget. no way to do what he says he is going to do. >> he said corporate jets. he said oil, offshores. >> in the bucket. >> go back to my original thing. just got the sense the president would prefer to be somewhere else. i agree with you completely. he has to make those points. jim lehrer, he let those guys freelance and go back and forth, and he did not -- the president didn't bring his "a" game tonight. >> fair enough. >> look, don't let me get too gassed up. >> none of that. >> agree james on a couple of points. he worked with bill clinton when bill clinton was trying to unseat an incumbent president. are you asking the american people to remove him. governor romney said w
on a collaborative basis. >> bill: president obama says -- this is as close as he came to saying you're talking about both sides of your mouth mittens. >> obama: i think romney will have a busy first day to repeal obama care. >> bill: i still have to tell you, i don't know what happened to president obama last night. where mitt romney was aggressive, he was eloof. romney was assertive, the president rolled over. why? the big question is will it change the nature of this debate? will it change the course of this debate? your comments about the debate last night. your comments about the president's performance or lack of. your comments, will this change anything in the next 32 days? 1-866-55-press. it's the "full court press" on thursday, october 4. >> announcer: radio meets television. the "bill press show." now on current tv. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv this is the "bill press show." >> announc
romney was talking -- >> the obama campaign in full damage control mode after last night's debate. a lot of facts were being thrown around. more fact checks and half-truths. we want to get your thought on the debate, was mitt romney's debate performance the october surprise? weigh in on twitte twitter @thomasaroberts. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know. >>> president obama is expected here in just a few moments for a rally. wisconsin is still in play. it is paul ryan's home state that has ten electoral votes. >>> there are the most sought after v
and solutions to our problems, to our economy, education, health care. and president obama is talking about government solutions. it's a very different vision that the two men have. i think president obama, also, seemed a little beif yofuddled. i'm not sure he's used to be challenged and he seemed like he was looking for his tell prompter. he didn't seem to be the crisp speaker that hes when he performed. a lot of hesitation and a lot of note taking. it seemed that he was surprised by maybe how effective the romney assault was on him. he's kind of used to not being questioned that way. >> mr. mayor, let me ask you about one substantive matter than the style. it struck me and i think a lot of observers when mr. romney essentially, disavowed the tax plan he's been running on. he's been very explicit about wanting cut tax rates across the board by 20% which would cut $5 trillion in revenue out of the government coffers. he said that was not his plan even though he's been running on that for a year and a half. that was a very surprising policy shift. did you see that come something. >> you know
in the emergency room? why didn't obama say that? you talk about social security and medicare people? they're part of your 47%, you want to drop them from the list of eligible americans. you don't have any care for these people, we've got it on tape governor. what you think of these people. don't come out here and pretend that you care about old people because you met somebody at the campaign event. where was obama tonight? he should watch -- well not just "hardball", rachel, he should watch you, the reverend al, lawrence, there's a hot debate going on in this country, here on this network is where we're having the debate. we have our knives out we go after the people and the facts. what was he doing tonight? he went in there disarmed. he was wait an hour and a half, i think i can get through this thing. where as romney. i loved the split screen, staring at obama, addressing him. he did it just right. i'm coming at an incumbent. i've got to beat him. and i don't care what this guy moderator whatever he think he ises because i'm going to ignore him. what was romney doing? he was winning. >> he was
balance he's insisting that romney has changed his plan because he wasn't giving the obama talking points. >> well now hold on. >> the democrats have mischaracterized romney's plans up the ying yang. so when he comes forward and tells what his plans are it's a shock. they think he's lying, they think he's changed. >> it was a game changer in this respect. before the debate republicans around the country were wondering if mitt romney was going to take down the whole ticket because his campaign had been so ineffective. after the debate they were convinced he wasn't going to. he definitely had a good evening last night. whether or not it's enough to change the momentum in the race we'll know in the next few days. with respect to the plan all the democrats have done ills put a price tag. 20% across the board tax cuts make them permanent. >> that's a lie. what he said it's going to be cost neutral. >> he didn't say that until last night. >> that is just not right. he said it when he rolled it out. he said it in his speeches. >> he hasn't said how he's going to raise any revenue to make up for
increase across the board, and when obama talks about the middle class and protecting the 47%, let's use the 47%, the truth is in retail business, this is has an effect on every product sold in the stores. when you buy -- neil: why more of an effect on the polls? >> they are not talking about. i don't know why they are not talking about it. go out, speak to the retailers, the business people that we've been speaking to, and this is what they'll hear. they are going to hear that they are getting squeezed dramatically. they are getting squeezed from all sides, and 5 lot of it -- a lot is basedded on what they pay because of fuel. in addition to that -- neil: no doubt. do you think there's a disconnect, bernie, between the bosses and the folks who work for them? in other words, talk to consumers and their surveys. they are not robust or off the charts, but better than the bosses polled on the same question, and seem much more pessimistic. >> well, they are pessimistic. the problem is most employers are not explaning this to their employees. they are not going to the employees saying, hey, l
analyzing what obama said that was untrue and what mitt romney said that was untrue. let's talk about mitt romney's tax plan. he wants to cut everyone's rate by 21%. is it true that that would cost $5 trillion? yes or no? >> reporter: well the question is how do you shape it? the question for romney is not necessarily that he's telling an untruth it's that he's not giving us any of the details. he says he can reduce rates and not a net tax decrease because he'll get rid of loopholes? which hoop holes will you get rid of? he named cutting funding for pbs. that's a small part of the budget. it's not necessarily that he's saying an untruth it's just that he's not filling in this very big and important part of the equation. >> which is how you make up for it. >> thank you. frank luntz talked to undecided voters. in the next half hour we'll hear what they had to say and how that could impact the race. >>> violence in syria spread into turkey. turkish are a littlery pounded syria throughout night and a new crisis began wednesday when a mortar fire from syria landed in a turkish border town. holl
to make obama be the one who is dividing and talking about class warfare. romney's choice of word about middle income is interesting. >> the focus group gave president obama points for taking on governor romney for not having a back up plan on obama care. let's show that club. >> you said that he's going to lose deductions and loopholes. for his tax plan. but we don't know the details. he says that he's going to replace dodd-frank, wall street reform but we don't know exactly which ones. he won't tell us. he now says he'll replace obama care and assure all the good things in it will be in there, and you don't have to worry. >> frank this seems to be getting at the point that david axelrod and david plouffe were making after the debate in trying to spin this is that romney is a secret guy, he won't tell you what he's going to do when he gets rid of obama care or what he's going to do on taxes but did obama effectively make that case? >> he made the case. and that was one of the rare case where the republicans were dialing him at a 60 which is a relatively positive. the difference here is
are differences we can talk about, whether that's under obama care or not. but let's have the philosophical difference. he believes the competition is going to drive it. there was a pole today. 93% of seniors like medicare the way it is. >> wait. they're not going to like the 716. >> at the very early polling right after the debate, did the president seem to falter at all? >> previous debate performances haven't been that strong. for all of the joking about the expectation, the president is really good at conversation and speeches. debates have been a little more of an awkward format. again, i thought governor romney won tonight in terms of what was in front of us. i think we're going to see some fallout from that. so, you know, i think what the president did was he was slow. he was deliberative. he laid out facts. this was a policy dream to have these long answers with lots of facts. we were joking before about the old saturday night live skit where they thought there would be no mass. >> when you're the incumbent, i've been there, it's more difficult. it just is. >> and on that note, let'
you agree with, tap agree. >> reporter: president obama got his biggest spike of support when talking about education. when mr. romney after a fairly positive reception, his opening remarks did not fair nearly as well with the liberal leaning college crowd as the debate went on. as a journalist, i have to mention it wasn't just romney and obama that they were weighing in on tonight. they also weighed in on the moderator who got rave reviews for the most part. major spikes online. anita. >> interesting. okay. well, we decided to have a little fun as well with tonight's debate. we posted four words and asked our friends out there count them. how many times are they saying them. joining us now is our social media editor. when the bug words came up with what we as journalists are expecting from the debate. >> we had an informal news poll and the words we came up with were middle class, jobs, economy, and american people. president obama mentioned the middle class and income 18 times and mitt romney's most said word was job and jobs which he mentioned 23 times. american people was the leas
talk. peter from ireland says george bush was the problem, not obama. let us know what you think. join in the conversation right here on "worldwide exchange." we'll get to some of your comments a little bit later in the show. time for a quick break. still to come, we'll bring in a democratic and republican strategist to grade the performance of president obama and mitt romney. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." these are your headlines from around the world. an aggressive mitt romney comes out swinging in his first debate with president obama. the two men sparring over how to fix the u.s. economy. waiting on spain, the ecb expected to hold steady on rates as central bankers meet today. country's president tells cnbc that europe's policymakers must remain focused. and madrid sees solid demand and yields coming down as the finance minister heads to london to raise funds for the country's bad banks. if you're just tuning in, thanks very much for coming along. ross will be back tomorrow. but i'm here for the next 30 minutes to run you through what's going on on the markets around the wor
it was good. >> i'll bet you if you asked both supporters to romney folks would say obama talked longer and they -- >> president obama talked about five minutes or so. 4.5 minutes more than romney but i think romney's -- romney was better. less was more. the side of the room, yes sir? >> my name is ben salisbury. i was wondering if you have seen in the close senate races any difference between races where the republicans are associated with the tea party and if not, maybe how turnout would affect that? >> that is, there are a lot of important races in november. not just the presidential and i think, i don't know the answer because what i was thinking was there were a lot of very close senate races that charlie was talking about in states that from my perspective that ron is probably going to win like indiana, missouri, north dakota, arizona. probably more. there are four states where democratic senate candidates are running very competitively with republicans in republican states and some are even ahead. i just did a battleground survey in indiana with a republican pollster and joe donn
does recklessly. boater said president obama was bidding we talked about his grandmother and social security tonight. there were equal responses on this evening. it is important for us to stress that our smartphone alling is certainly not scientific poll. you who all of participated. nightline will have a complete debate wrap up at 1135. -- 11:35. >> tonight, police have issued after a teenager vanishes. seen monday morning. car inves found his city at a park. is live at the agh school where he is student. on the the latest search. last place anyone spoke to brian. he is a senior here. his dad said he left his cell morning,home on monday is out of thethat ordinary. something that is a concern, he cash on him and his not been used since sunday. >> somebody out there know something. >> an urgent plea for some in rick -- with a family plea a desperate family member. >> he needs to be found. >> it was 7:15 monday morning his brother was dropped off. i said i would find a parking spot. >> it was just another monday until brian did not come home from football practice. realized he never t
perhaps will be obama coming after him, not him coming after obama. >> chris, when you talk about the president potentially going after mitt romney, do you mean in terms of stylistic aggression, or do you means in terms of trying to nail him as a flip-flopper or going really aggressively against his policies. which do you mean? >> i would say this. you are promising something new. you keep saying i've got something new. everything you've said sounds like what we got rid of because we had a disaster. as you showed with this excellent opening tonight, we came out of disaster because of those policies. tell me how you're going to be different than w. say the word "w.," you don't even want to say that word. admit where you came from. and then force him to get out there on the cliff and say, i'm going to get rid of the homeowner deduction, get rid of the charitable deduction, because that's the only way you have revenue neutrality in these tax cuts he's talking about. his only plan for economic improvement in this country is to cut the taxes mainly of the rich. that's his only plan. th
of talking about each other, president obama and mitt romney talked directly to one another meeting on stage for the first time for their first debate. mitt romney and president obama speaking about their plans to fix the nation's economy. >> governor romney has a perspective that says, if we cut taxes, skew towards the wealthy and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. i've got a different view. >> i don't want to cost jobs. my priority is jobs. and so what i do is i bring down the tax rates. >> reporter: the republican nominee revealing his plan to reduce the deficit. >> what things would i cut from spending? >> i will eliminate all program by this test if they don't pass it. is the program so critical, it is worth borrowing money from china? if it's not, i'll get rid of it. >> governor romney rote what we did in massachusetts could be a model for the nation. >> as president, i will sit down on day one, the day after i get elected, i'll sit down with democratic leaders. >> he will also repeal obamacare on the first day which will not be very popular among democrats as you are sitt
trickle down -- his trickle-down approach as he said yours is. >> obama: let me talk specifically about what i think we need to do. first we have got to improve our education system. and we have made enormous progress drawing on ideas both from democrats and republicans. that are already starting to show gains in some of the toughest to deal with schools. we have a program called race to the top that has prompted reforms in 46 states around the country, raising standards in how the train teachers. i want to hire another 100,000 math and science teachers. and i want to make sure that we keep tuition low for our young people. when it comes to our tax code governor romney and i both agree our corporation tax rate is too high. so i want to lower it particularly for manufacturing. but i also want to close those loopholes that are giving incentives for companies shipping jobs overseas. i want to provide tax breaks for companies investing here in the united states. on energy governor romney and i both agree that we have got to boost american energy production and oil and na
energy that barack obama. now we are coming back to you a little laterr on in the show and talk about romney. we tried to talk about barack obama. undecided voters switch the topic. we'll get back to it. back to you. >> steve: minutes before the top of the hour. the president debuted a new catch phrase. economic patriotism where the rich pay more. is that what it means to be patriotic. we'll ask a member of the president's finance team. and a high school heist that was all too real for julianne moore, you will find out more straight ahead. ♪ . note you got to change your evil ways, baby. ♪ before i start loving you. ♪ you have on got to change, baby. ♪ and every word. by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. >> gretchen: the president argued last night for a new economic patriism. this was in the debate. what does that mean? here is the president. >> governor romney has a perspective that said if we cut taxs and skew toward the wealth scheroll back regulati
answer. he personalized it and talked about an american he met on the road. that's what obama is so good at. and so i think you're looking at a guy who's very well prepared. president obama has been in plenty of debates and he has plenty of things that he can talk about to direct positive thinking about his campaign. and i think tonight, unfortunately, it pains me to say it, i think there are some lefties out there that are probably questioning it right now. i'll say it again. it's a story that we're going to have to cover. we need definition from the president on exactly where he's going to go on social security. this is a huge opening. >> i think it's very important before we close the chapter on this, mitt romney made, mark my word on this ed, very serious mistakes tonight. he committed himself to things that starting next week, with joe biden is going to haunt ryan and haunt him in these next three debates. >> i don't see that. >> i think whatever your judgment or my judgment or anyone's judgment on president obama, it will come back to serve him well that mitt romney committed himse
had no answer. mitt romney said president obama you talk about a few tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. you have given much more tax breaks to the alternative energy energy and you have nothing to show for it. president obama just looked at him. at the end of the day barack obama couldn't engage on substance last night. the facts aren't going to get any better between thousand and the next two debates. the alternative energy market is not going to start working in the next two weeks. the obama economic policies aren't going to be working in the effect two weeks. it wasn't about style. it's about substance and obama not being able to stand on his own record. that record is not going to change between now and the next debate. martha: thank you for being with us today. bill: president obama telling the american people there is one pledge he will always keep. >> four years ago i said i'm not a perfect man and i'm no won't be a perfect president. that's probably a promise governor romney thinks i have kept. you i promised i would fight every single day for the american people and t
're talking about today and essentially we're talking about obama's plan. we're talking about his campaign messaging, and we're talking about all the ways in which mitt romney has been lying. that's pretty much across the board. so score one for the campaign if they lost some cool points in terms of obama's persona in the debate itself. >> karen, there's been this hand wringing by some democrats over this perceived low performance by the president, but was it really such a fiasco? mitt romney is the ron jeremy of political campaigning. every day he's in a different position. how do you nail custard to the creeling? how do you do that? i don't know how you do that. >> exactly, yeah. >> look, can i just remind you that al gore won the debates. did he end up being president? no, he did not. >> john kerry. >> john kerry won the debates. he also did not end up being president. >> yeah, but, karen, i think what's different this time around is the absolute falsification that took place last night. it was breath-taking. it was almost -- well, it was shakespearean in terms of its performance. >> an
troubling parallel that barack obama is drawing there. bill: in the speech he talked about the spirit of empathy. i think that was around the enron time, because he talked about the employees of enron feel that they've been violated. how did that fit into this argument, or this speech that he was make stph-g. >> yo making? >> as far as that goes i agree. enron was run by a bunch of crooks, and they deserved to go to jail and many of them did. obviously there was justifiable anger, people lost their retirement and pensions, but to equate that as he does later in the speech saying, well, you know, a community has had this company there, it's provided jobs for many years, and the company decides to shut down, because of economic conditions, that's a form of violence, you know, that could be used to justify all kinds of behavior, and not just union strikes, but actual union violence. bill: you pointed to a ""washington post"" interview in 2007. that is five years ago. what emerged from that interview that caught your eye? >> well, barack obama was the community organizationer. the father
side supporters romney side would say obama talked longer and the opposite. president obama talked about five minutes or so, wasn't it? >> four and a half minutes more than romney but i think romney's was better. >> this was less was more. >> yes, sir. >> i was wondering if you're seeing in the senate races any differences between races where the republicans associated with the tea party and if not how turnout at the top of the ticket could effect that? >> there are a lot of important races in november, not just presidential. and i don't know the answer because what i was thinking is there are a lot of very close senate races that charlie was talking about in states that from my perspective that romney is probably going to win like indiana, missouri, north dakota, arizona and probably more. there are four states where democratic senate candidates are running very competitively with republicans. i just did a background survey in indiana with a republican pollster and joe donnelly was ahead by two points. and the other thing in american politics is people usually vote the party line.
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